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Pacific Northwest
Clam Chowder Reviews
by Eric Russell

These Clam Chowders are Excellent

and I highly recommend them.

Clam Chowder Thoughts


For the past several years, I've enjoyed traveling up and down the Oregon coast with family and friends on a personal quest to find the best clam chowder. I've had a love for food my entire life that goes well beyond eating and cooking. If gift giving is my love language, then preparing and serving food is my ultimate gift. If I can't serve you at my table, then please let me help direct you to the finest clam chowder the Oregon coast has to offer. It is my pleasure to share my likes and dislikes. I hope you find my reviews helpful.


These Clam Chowders are Excellent

and I highly recommend them.

Waterfront Depot

1252 Bay Street, Florence, Or 97439

Rating: Excellent

Excellent Chowder. The flavor and consistency are perfect. I highly recommend this restaurant.

It may be my new coastal favorite and if you are visiting Florence, it is a must.

Kyllo's Seafood & Grill

1110 NW 1 St Ct, Lincoln City, Or 97367

Rating: Excellent

Exceptionally good chowder.  Great balance between clams and potatoes.  I have eaten their chowder many times and it has always been consistent.  One of the finest dining experiences on the Oregon coast.

Tidal Raves

279 N Hwy 101, Depoe Bay, Or 97341

Rating: Execellent

Very good chowder.  This is one of my all-time favorite coastal restaurants, but the chowder hasn't always been consistent.  On occasion it has been too runny, but when thick it is fantastic.  Tidal Raves has one of the very best views on the Oregon coast.  I highly recommend.  As a side note, the Red Curry BBQ Shrimp is phenomenal.  


Georgie's Beachside Grill

 744 SW Elizabeth St, Newport, Or 97365

Rating: Excellent

Exceptional chowder.  Whenever anyone ask me about chowder, I always recommend Georgie's.  The thickness is perfect and has a great ratio of clams to potato. 

The restaurant also has an ocean view.    

The Firehouse

Restaurant & Lounge

 1263 Bay St, Florence, Or 97439

Rating: Excellent

Excellent consistency and flavor. Although I recommend the chowder, the atmosphere is not my thing. 

Norma's Seafood & Steak

20 N Columbus St, Seaside, Or 97138

Rating: Excellent

Excellent chowder.  Like the other top five, it has great flavor and balance.  The restaurant is what you would expect for the beach, but it does not have a view of the ocean and the parking was awful.   

Pelican Brewery

1708 1st St, Tillamook, Or 9714

Rating: Excellent

Very good chowder. The three locations are Pacific City, Tillamook and Cannon  Beach. I have been told they use the same recipe in all locations. It has a great consistency and great flavor, but perhaps not quite on par with Georgie's and Kyloos. My wife loves the onion rings.

These Clam Chowders are Very Good

and I highly recommend them.

Clearwater Restaurant

325 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, Or 97365

Rating: Very Good

This chowder is thick and hearty and taste great.  Even though this did not make my top five, I really like the restaurant and I definitely recommend you give it a try. I love view of the bay.  

Gracie's Sea Hag

58 S Highway 101, Depoe Bay, Or 97341

Rating: Very Good

Very good chowder but unfortunately, the building is run down and at the time of my visit there was an awful smell. 


Side Door Cafe

667Gleneden Beach Loop, Gleneden Beach, Or 97388

Rating: Very Good

This is a well-made chowder and if you like a little extra clam flavor this may be your best bet. It is a little too clammy for me.  I badly want to place this in my top five because the Side Door Cafe has some of the best food on the Oregon coast and even though it does not have a view of the ocean, we love the atmosphere.     

Squatchsami Fish and Chips Food Truck and Outpost

Salishan Marketplace 7755, Lincoln City, Or 97367

Rating: Very Good

I really like the consistency. More of a cafe than a restaurant and good for a quick lunch.    


Fish House and Zebra Bar

 1297 Bay Street, Florence, Or 97439

Rating: Very Good

Perfect level of clam flavor. The bread and garlic butter is excellent. The place has a great vibe.   


Snug Harbor Bar & Grill

5001 SW Highway 101 , Lincoln City, Or 97367

Rating: Very Good

If it were a little thicker, I would rate it excellent. The flavor is fantastic. Great service and good music.    

These Clam Chowders

are Good and I recommend them.

Camp 18

42362 Highway 26, Seaside, Or 97138

Rating: Good

Although this chowder is good and I like the initial flavor and thickness, there is an aftertaste that isn't my favorite. 

Ona Restaurant & Lounge

131 Highway 101, Yachats, Or 97498

Rating: Good

Slightly runny and was heavy on the onion.

Needed more clam flavor. 


Hawk Creek Cafe

4505 Salem Ave, Neskowin, Or 97149

Rating: Good

I recommend the wood fired pizza if you are looking for something other than chowder. 

The Wayfarer

Restaurant and Lounge

1190 Pacific Ave, Cannon Beach, Or 97110

Rating: Good

The restaurant is a short walk to the ocean and overall I recommend it. 

The Horn

Public House & Brewery

110 SE Highway 101, Depoe Bay, Or 97341

Rating: Good

Great taste but reminded me more of potato soup than clam chowder.  Definitely could use more clams. I like the atmosphere and the view of the bay.  I will visit again. 


The Drift Inn

124 Highway 101 N , Yachats, Or 97498

Rating: Good

Chowder was thin and had an okay taste. If you like chowder with more clam flavor this might be to your taste. The chowder was barely warm when it was served.

Pacific Kitchen at Nye Beach

740 W Olive St, Newport, Or 97365

Rating: Good

This chowder would be great, but for the aftertaste.  Very creamy and the clams are good. 

Luna Sea Fish House

153 NW Hwy 101, Newport, Or 97498

Rating: Good

Great consistency but lacked flavor.

The building needed a deep cleaning. 


Seasons Cafe

255 N Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, Or 97110

Rating: Good

This chowder lacks the clam flavor that I like, and I think it is too heavy on the thyme.  I love the thickness. If you aren't looking for a clam chowder, you may like it. 

Leroy's Blue Whale

580 Highway N, Yachats, Or 97498

Rating: Good

Great consistency, good flavor, but the clams are chewy.

Current Cafe & Lounge 

1505 Pacific Avenue, Oceanside, Or 97124

Rating: Good

This is a very well-made chowder and I struggle with the rating because if you like a little extra rosemary and thyme this may be your favorite.  It needed less seasoning and a little more clam flavor to meet my standard.  


These Clam Chowders

have a rating of Fair. They are just okay.

Bridgewater Bistro

20 Basin St. Ste A, Astoria, Or 97103

Rating: Fair

I hesitated to include this because it is not a New England clam chowder but is made with red sauce, clams and mussels. There is a great view of the bay.

Blackfish Cafe

2733 NW Highway 101, Lincoln City, Or 97367

Rating: Fair

Very little clam flavor.  Okay thickness.  

Homegrown Public

House & Brewery

294 Laurel St, Florence, Or 97439

Rating: Fair

I liked the consistency, but there was an unknown aftertaste I did not like.  


Fathom's Restaurant

4009 SW Highway 101, Lincoln City, Or 97367

Rating: Fair

The taste is good, but too creamy.  

I do Not Recommend any of these

Clam Chowders. None of them were worth the drive


Restaurant & Lounge

179 N Hemlock, Cannon Beach, Or 97110

Rating: Not Recommended

Lacked clam flavor.  

Buttercup Homemade

Ice Cream & Chowders

35915 Highway 101 N, Nehalem, Or 97131

Rating: Not Recommended

I added Buttercup to my list based of online reviews and was excited to try it.  The New England chowder was runny and didn't taste like clam chowder at all. 

The Manhattan chower was okay.


Chowder Bowl

728 NW Beach Dr, Newport, Or 97365

Rating: Not Recommended

Well-made chowder, but there is a strong aftertaste that may be celery salt that distracts from the clams.

I like the restaurant and some of the other dishes looked fantastic. Steller service.    

Doogers Seafood and Grill

103 Highway 101, Warrenton, Or 97146

Rating: Not Recommended

Very runny and bland.  

Nana's Irish Pub

1613 Nw 3rd St, Newport, Or 97365

Rating: Not Recommended

This rated high on several list, but I cannot agree.

If you are looking for a more traditional clam chowder this is not for you.  


Tom's Fish,

Chips & Classic Burgers

240 N Hemlock, Cannon Beach, Or 97110

Rating: Not Recommended

Lacked flavor and runny.  More liquid than substance.  

Roseanna's Cafe

1490 Pacific Ave, Oceanside, Or 97134

Rating: Not Recommended

Thick and hearty but lacked the clam flavor I like.  

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Feb 19

Absolutely love this site. We needed it in our community.


Feb 18

Wow well done brother I know you have been working on this for a long time. It is great! How do I send it to my friend's?

Thanks Kris


Feb 14

Love the information and I am saving this ! Thank you Eric



Feb 14

What about Dory Cove?

Feb 21
Replying to

It's been a while since I've eaten their chowder. I'll revisit them and add my review. Thanks for asking.


Feb 14

This is great! Thank you!


Feb 13

Great article and helpful reviews! I'll definitely use it when I am over there again!


Nov 07, 2023

Love the website and the reviews!


Apr 20, 2023

This is a great resource for restaurants to visit on the coast. Thank you!!!


Dec 10, 2022

Looking forward to reading these reviews!

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